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Monday, January 20, 2020



remplisvert a movement that is gaining momentum!


Born out of a "Big Day of Small Entrepreneurs" project, the #remplisvert movement was gradually spreading across the province.

Building on access to free drinking water, young entrepreneurs Matthieu, Jérôme, Guillaume, Maxime, Louis and Arnaud Russell have created a very friendly directory that allows you to quickly find out about businesses offering free water bottle fillings.

Using a sticker affixed to the window of participating stores, you will be easily informed of access to a water point in your area. An online directory has also been created, which currently brings together several hundred access points across the province.

The objective behind this initiative is to allow the use of reusable containers, thereby reducing the consumption of plastic bottles.

We invite all merchants to follow this initiative and obtain their sticker via the site in order to join the movement.





Wednesday, December 10, 2019



Drinking water and bacteria, the importance of water coolers maintenance



This week we come back to a very interesting article about the preventive maintenance of water coolers published by


Radio Canada.


In 2017, Professor Mathieu Bergeron, water sanitation specialist at Collège Saint Laurent, made recommendations


about the importance of preventive disinfection of consumable water supply systems such as bottle coolers, water


fountains connected on the network and other public drinking fountains.


Indeed, many of these systems contain water retention tanks allowing the water to be cooled. This stagnant water can


be contaminated in case of poor maintenance of the device and may cause Serious Health problems.


In this article Mr Bergeron mentioned that a regular disinfection allowed to control the risks and indicated the


procedure to follow for a good maintenance, in addition to the use of products such as bleach and vinegar to clean and


disinfect systems.


We would like to warn you about this recommendation. Bleach is a poison for humans, in addition to being difficult to


rinse it can leave a taste in your water for several days / weeks. Vinegar has long been considered as a disinfectant but


a recent MAPAQ study downgraded it to disinfectant for the food sector.


At Sani-Fontaines we recommend the use of a sterile and biodegradable disinfectant. In addition to being totally


harmless to health, it allows a disinfection of your water fountains and cooler making sure to leave a totally neutral


taste to your water and will not damage your devices.


With respect to other recommendations such as regular filter change and good cleaning of internal and external


components we abound in the same direction. However, we recommend that you call in specialized technicians such as


those from Sani-Fontaines, to ensure the quality of the work done and avoid problems of contamination of your water.



Read the article 




Monday, October 28, 2019



Lead in the water? The simple, yet effective solutions.



A few weeks ago we learned that tests carried out on the water of our schools revealed abnormally high levels of lead.

Following this announcement, concrete actions were taken to tighten the standards issued by Health Canada.

The problems associated with lead consumption are numerous and can be reversible or irreversible.

Reversible disorders: anaemia, digestive disorders.

Irreversible disorders: damage to the nervous system, encephalopathy and neuropathy.

For all these reasons, last Friday, the Government of Quebec ordered school boards to undertake water tests on their fountains and water tanks before June 23, 2020, and to carry out any necessary work to reduce the risks before November 1, 2020.

However, there are simple solutions to control the level of lead in water. Many filtration systems allow us to reduce or even eliminate the particles found in tap water.

Companies such as 3M and Everpure offer a complete range of proven residential and commercial products. They are easily installed on fountains and water tanks, require little maintenance and low installation costs.

In addition to removing particles such as lead or asbestos essential minerals are also removed, which is not the case with technologies such as reverse osmosis. When the filter is removed, the water has a completely neutral taste and unpleasant chlorine taste is eliminated.

It is important to maintain these filters at least once a year to ensure optimal filtration quality.



Read the article







Friday, October 18, 2019



When our conscience takes precedence over money.


In recent months, a movement against single-use plastics has been taking hold of our schools and universities. The mission is clear: to no longer sell or offer single-use plastic bottles to our students.

Despite the fact that rather simple solutions, such as the addition of water bottle filling stations, water coolers and even the distribution of reusable water bottles exist, student associations are struggling to keep up. The reason: the loss of revenue associated with the sale of bottles.

For the Université du Québec à Rimouski, the estimated losses were $22,000 per year. It goes without saying that these are significant losses of income, despite this removing 14,000 bottles from circulation was visibly more important than the income generated.

We must now look at everything from a different angle. Traders across the province are analyzing the lending issue and many companies are following suit.

At Sani-Fontaines, we support this initiative.

Read the article





Thursday, October 10, 2019



New water bottle filling stations are being developed throughout the province.



With the urgent need to reduce single-use plastics, water bottle fillers are becoming more and more popular.

Many municipalities are following suit and offering their citizens sustainable solutions for the supply of consumable water.

This is the case of the city of St. Bruno, which, following the movement launched by the young Maxime Russel to offer free water in the region's shops, decided to equip the village's main square with one of these fountains.

Bottle filling stations are becoming more and more sophisticated and offer a sustainable alternative to the excessive use of single-use plates.

We invite you to read Le Montarvillois’ article on the subject and wholeheartedly support this initiative.

Well done!

Le Montarvillois article






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