Disinfection of water fountains and ice machines

Disinfection service of water fountains and ice machines

Water coolers and ice machines require periodic maintenance to prevent the growth of bacteria inside the cooling tanks, bins and any items in contact with the water you consume.

The target frequency of these interviews are at least 4 times a year. A recommendation from the Health Canada / Canadian Food Inspection Agency Committee even mentions that 6 interviews per year are preferable to ensure safe use of equipment.

A cooler and an ice machine may pose a threat of water contamination. They must therefore be disinfected regularly.

Sani-Fontaines technicians are trained to clean and disinfect water systems in 27 steps. We use biodegradable and sterile breuvet products suitable for food use. These products tested by a Research Center on Biodegradability we ensure an efficient work without harm to the environment with a rate of biodegradability to 96.9%


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Ice machine disinfection and cleaning

Ice machines

Cleaning and disinfection


Pressure fountain disinfection

Pressure Fountain

Cleaning and disinfection


water fountain disinfection

Water fountain

Cleaning and disinfection


Outdoor fountain disinfection

Outdoor fountain

Cleaning and disinfection



Uses not recommended for cleaning fountains

  • Do not use vinegar! It does not disinfect and become encrusted in the parts of your appliances leaving a bad taste to your water.
  • Bleach does not degrade in addition to being a poison for humans. It easily bleaches everything it touches, damages plastic and forms corrosion on metals. It also leaves a taste to water that is very difficult to rinse.
  • Sodium bicarbonate (the small cow) does not disinfect or decale. It is only a moisture sensor that eliminates odors. The source of these odors (micro-organisms) remain in your devices after cleaning.


Those advices are provided by Environment Canada

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