Water dispenser

Océanik water dispenser


The Océanik

Exclusivity of Sani-Fontaine  in Quebec market.

This filling station has

capacity of 4 gallons / hour cooling.

Available for rent and purchase


***Made in Quebec ***

oasis mirage fountain with bottom load access


The Mirage


Connected to the network or with bottle, stainless steel tank, hot water, cold and temperate.

Bottom load access for the bottle.



farenheit water fountain

The Farenheit

Farenheit Fountain of Thermoconcept. Available with water bottle and network connexion.

Cold and temperate water. Available for rent




*** Made in Quebec ***

Fontaine réseau S3 P1


The S3

This machine provides cold, warm or temperate water.

Stainless steel case





***Made in Québec ***

Degree counter top fountain

The Degree

This machine provides cold, warm or temperate water. Stainless steel case


*** Made in quebec ***

ION TS 400

The TS 400

Counter top fountain ION TS 400.

Ideal for small spaces. Cold water, hot water, sparkling water and temperate water.

Connected to the network, filtration system included.


see the video

Sparkling fountain

The Trendy

Top quality fountain from Elay.

Hot, cold and sparkling water.

Easily installs in a tight places.

Commercial water fountain

The Commercial

Commercial fountain ideal for bars, hotels and restaurants.

Cold and sparkling water.

Robust design.

Pacifik water fountain of thermoconcept

The Pacifik

Pacifik model of Thermoconcept.

Available with bottle or connected to the network.

Cold and temperate water.


*** Made in Quebec ***

Bottle water fountain S2

The S2

Bottle fountain.

Cold and temperate water. Stainless steel case.



***Made in Québec***

Sol eau water fountain

The Sol'eau

Bottle fountain.

Solid plastic design. Cold water only.

Possibility of filtration



***Made in Québec***

Kelvin water fountain

The Kelvin

Very resistant polyethylene case.

Adapts very well to all types of environment. Cold and temperate water



*** Made in Quebec ***

Did not find what you lookinf for ?



At Sani-Fontaines we are always on the lookout for new products and offer our customers a wide range of fountains connected to the network, with sparkling and traditional water.

We work in collaboration with many companies with diverse needs and offer branded products such as Oasis, Thermoconcept, waterlogic and many others, ask our experts for advice.

Sani-Fontaines is proud to offer you these models of water coolers connected to the network and with a jug that stand out for their durability, efficiency and proven performance.



Did not find what you looking for?

Call us, many other models are available!

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