Renting water dispensers and coolers: for the short or long term, it's the perfect alternative to single-use bottles!

Whether it's for a one-time event or for an everyday need in your business, renting a fountain or water cooler is a perfect solution.

We have several models available for hire, from the classic bottle cooler to the 3-distributor water station connected directly to the municipal water supply.

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Water Fountains for Monthly Rental

Trust our technicians to help you choose the water dispenser that will best meet your needs in the space you have available.

Starting at just $29.95 per month.

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Oasis Mobile Water Point: 3 Fountains Connected to the Water Line

For a small or medium-sized event, the Water Point is the perfect solution that can be installed indoors or outdoors! Close the stand selling water bottles and instead offer bottle filling to your guests!


Water Dispenser Rental for Events

In a performer’s dressing room, in a hall or at an exhibition, our indoor and mobile water fountains are the perfectly ecological solution. Connected to the water supply, they offer high quality filtered and cooled water. You can even connect several dispensers to the network.

Say goodbye to single-use water bottles and welcome your new rental water dispenser!